PRESSIX® Power Presses

Manufacturing of eccentric presses and hydraulic presses for straightening

Established in 1974 originally as a structural steel fabrication shop Sapre Costruzioni grew to include specialised CNC machining. Combining these two characteristics aided by a skilled technical department equipped with the latest tools for 3D design Sapre Costruzioni manufacture a range of high-quality power presses sold as PRESSIX®.

PRESSIX® offer a wide range of open fronted gap frame adjustable-stroke mechanical power presses with a capacity ranging from 25 to 250 tonnes and straight side presses with one or two connecting rods offering a choice of adjustable or fixed stroke length, Link Drive or Knuckle-Joint-Drive with a capacity ranging from 125 to 1000 tonnes.

PRESSIX® also manufacture high-speed presses, hydraulic straightening presses and able to offer specific solutions to meet customer needs.

All PRESSIX® machines are CE certified by APAVE and are built according to ISO 9001 procedures since 1994 as certified by DNV.

The PRESSIX® technical department is always looking for new solutions to meet your requirements and offer a prompt service with a speedy after-sales service.

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Gap Frame Presses

CNR4 Series: back geared presses - <br>Model 65-CNR4

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Straight Sided Monoblock Frame Presses

DM2CF/CC Series: presses with double connecting rod - Model 315-DM2

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Straight Sided Tie-Rod Frame Presses

SC2R2 Series: presses with double connecting rod and double back-geared - Model 500-SC2R2

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Straight Sided High Speed Presses

Series DM2LV: Straight side, double connecting rod and linear guideways - Model 80-DM2LV

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Hydraulic Straightening Presses

PPMi Series: straightening presses with moving portal - Model 400-PPMI-25

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Special Projects

4-columns press with lower kinematics - Model 60-P4C

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