C Frame Open Fronted Double Crank - Model C2

The Boxin C2 double crank range of presses feature a large bed and ram area to accommodate a wide variety of tools making this line of presses the perfect choice for a long list of applications

The C2 double crank range are a robust mono block construction power press with stress-relieved welded steel frames and a heavy duty drive gear that run in a self contained oil bath thus reducing wear. The crankshafts are manufactured from a forging, machined, ground and rated at 150% overload to provide a higher energy rating.

The C2 design is such that extra steel is built in the 'C' section of the frames to reduce angular deflection together with a cast slide body featuring 6 & 8-point full length machined guides providing outstanding position repeat-ability allowing for a longer tool life.

Counter-rotating double crankshafts direct the tonnage towards the centre of the slide and bolster to minimise side loading.

The OMPI Hi Torque low noise combination dry clutch & brake operates in conjunction with a Ross dual safety solenoid valve together with a Mitsubishi plc control, PILZ safety monitoring and user friendly touchscreen operator HMI.

With hydraulic overload protection, variable speed drive, automatic lubrication systems and a centralised maintenance centre built into the main operator panel, the C2 is a highly versatile and productive range of power presses.

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