View our range of New Mechanical Presses from Boxin and PRESSIX®

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New Coil Handling & Press Feeding

New Coil Handling & Press Feeding

View our comprehensive range of new RNC NC Servo Roll Feeds, 3 in 1 Combined Decoiler/Straightener/Feeders, Combined Decoiler/Levellers, Combined Coil Cradle/Levellers, Cabinet Mounted Straighteners, Decoilers, etc.

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View our stock of used/reconditioned Open Fronted Mechanical Presses, Double Sided Presses, Hydraulic Presses, High Speed Presses, Press Feeds, Coil Handling Equipment, CNC Machinery, Toolroom Machinery, Sheet Metal Equipment, etc.

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Spares &

Spares &<br>Service

We offer machine spares, onsite repairs, customer machine rebuilds or upgrades, maintenance contracts, transport, installation and commissioning. We also offer a packing and shipping service for our overseas clients.

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Asset Disposal?

Raybould Machine Tools Ltd offer numerous options when disposing of equipment from a simple outright purchase or the option of working with your company either on a commission basis or on price guarantee structure to achieve optimum results.

Raybould Machine Tools Ltd fully recognizes that the disposal of productive and surplus assets is always unique - there is no off-the-shelf solution. Because each situation has its own specific requirements, Raybould Machine Tools Limited offers a range of disposal solutions, asset management, and business services tailored and staffed to achieve optimum results. We have recently been involved with the disposal of equipment from the following companies:

  • Sharp Precision Manufacturing (UK) Ltd
  • TT Electronics PLC
  • Widney Cabs
  • Widney Group PLC
  • Belcot Tool & Die Ltd
  • Pianoforte Supplies Ltd
  • ThyssenKrupp Tallent Ltd
  • Denso Manufacturing
  • Jaguar Land Rover